Yvette's Story

As an Artist-Researcher I spent many years trying to advance my work through more traditional avenues for social innovation. Here I endeavor to create opportunities to begin to help you understand and experience yourself as part of the system(s) in new and deeper ways.

My commitment to applying my programs and insights to making life better for everyone, including historically marginalized people, led to me collaborations with the organization We The World and entrepreneurs in southern California.

Rick Ulfik, We The World Founder and Angel Fullerton, the Managing Director invited me to join the We Team in 2019. They accepted my proposal for an Artist-Researcher Virtual Residency Coordinating We The World Freedom Campaign.  Since then I have led the launch of “It Matter” Podcast to celebrate MLK 40 Days of Peace , We Freedom Film Fest and The Cure For Racism Project. 

The launch of this program is part of this research which officially began in 2006. The Cultural Fusion Genesis was the “what is peace?” project. In collaborations with a Dutch programmer in the Netherlands, Ronald Wopereis and Kerry Santo, a thinker and maker in Scotland, we have been guided by the question “What can I do?” and the concept of Cultural Fusion Art as Philosophy [CFAaP].

Collaborations along the way led to life long friendships, illuminating the transformative impact of love infused into processes and systems. Using my SoulFood Framework where love is the secret healing elixir. Because my life has been a study in love and art as solution, it seems only natural that it is now expanding to potentially include you.

Yvette Dubel

Human Being, Mother, Wife, Artist-Researcher, Personal Innovation Mentor, and Certified Micro-Habits Laser Coach.
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