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What's next?

As an Artist-Researcher I’ve spent many years endeavoring to advance my work in social innovation. It has been my passion to create art informed opportunities to advance personal innovation. Practically, this looks like helping you understand and experience yourself and your passion to be the change, as part of the system(s) at play, in new and deeper ways.



How To Work With Me?

  • Creative Productivity – Explore how to make who you are working for you with Self Empowerment approaches for neurodivergent folks called to make a positive impact and ready to end your battle with procrastination and redefine personal success for our better world.
  • Collaborating Partner –  Your question or problem converges with our alignment creating the opportunity for prototyping social solutions, synchronicity and inspiration are key.
  • New Possibilities – Make your proposal because I’m often open to new opportunities that align with my interests and talents

How to support my work?


My current quest is based on art-research which officially began in 2006. The Cultural Fusion project  was inspired by many things, including Andy Warhol’s “The Factory”. I wondered what if I had something like that using my collaboration framework for community change ? 

Working with a Dutch programmer in the Netherlands, Ronald Wopereis and Kerry Santo, a thinker and maker in Scotland, we were guided by the question “What can I do?” and the concept of Cultural Fusion Art as Philosophy [CFAaP] that was conceived as public-private research and as an art series serving self and the common good. I am seeking help to launch a progressive think tank to advance this work in the Inland Empire area of  southern California, if this is something you’d like to support – book a call with me today!

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Yvette Dubel

Artist-Researcher, Speaker and Personal Innovation Mentor

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